Juhi is a product designer

Juhi is a product designer who leverages design thinking to distill complex problems into elegant solutions. With 6+ years of experience in corporate, agency, and startup environments, she prioritizes function as much as form — balancing business objectives, usability, and aesthetics.


Plant Press
The Cool Down
Burlington Tourism
Arbor Memorial
Canadian Tire

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"Juhi has been a true pleasure to work with and a welcomed founding member at Huddle. She's worked on some of our top startup customers and VCs, supporting our customers on visual design, product design (UX/UI), product strategy, and brand. She's also worked on Huddle itself. The feedback we've received on Juhi—both from our customers and her collaborators—has been A+. Highly recommend!"

Michael Saloio

Co-founder & CEO at Huddle

"I worked with Juhi on the first concept design for a new product launch. She was a delight to work with, bringing creativity and fresh ideas for us to consider, in addition to combining UI and UX design sense to get us to a MVP. Her work product is great and she works great in fast-moving teams that are iterating quickly. Highly recommend!"

Shaan Hathiramani

CEO at Flockjay

"I hired Juhi to create a prototype, and I made a great decision by choosing her. She created easy-to-understand sketches, iterated flexibly, and brought us to a gorgeous, user-friendly prototype. She demonstrated a knack for understanding my vision, collaborating nimbly, and asking thought-provoking questions. If you're looking for a critical thinker and a talented designer to take your product to the next level, go with Juhi."

Sarah Johnson

Founder at Passion Bollywood

"Juhi is an amazing designer and collaborator. She easily brought our ideas to life as we built a product from 0 to 1 while always keeping the user in mind every step of the way. She has prolific vision and perspective on all things UX/UI but is open to feedback and ready to iterate. I really enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a rockstar designer."

Quenton Stevenson

Product Manager at Flockjay

I worked with Juhi to develop a brand identity and marketing website for a new VC firm. Juhi acted as a Swiss-army knife designer – designing the brand identity from the ground up, designing the UI for the entire site and building it in Webflow. Her output was great and she's incredibly easy to work with. Can't recommend her enough!

Stephanie Golik

Co-founder at Huddle

“So pleased with the outcome of our current and ongoing projects with Juhi. Our company logo and website design reflect our team and ethos incredibly well and we've gotten extremely positive feedback and compliments across the board. Always excited to share our website with anyone who asks as a result.”

Sarah Unger Biggs

Partner & COO at Asymmetric Capital Partners

“Working with Juhi is an absolute pleasure. She is an essential member to any team due to her incredibly creative mind. Juhi has a very unique way of approaching UX problems; she truly embodies what it means to be an empathetic designer and always puts the user needs first. Her designs are fresh, modern, and simple. I truly loved working by her side, there's never a dull moment with Juhi!!“

Nicole Figaj

UX/UI Designer at Freightcom (worked with Juhi at Canadian Tire)

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